About Triveous

We are Triveous, an audio focused startup based out of Bangalore, India. Every single day, people across the world communicate and express themselves, primarily through audio. This method of communication and expression has gone on for thousands of years and we at Triveous understand and respect that. That is why, we are trying to help people create, store and share that content.

People use Triveous products like Skyro to record meetings, lectures, music sessions, conferences, conversations, depositions (yes!) and so on and we are committed to helping them do this in a fundamentally better way.

Our Work

Skyro Voice Recorder (300,000 + downloads)

  • Crystal clear audio recording
  • Add images to your recording to make them richer
  • Image and location tags
  • Clean design with customisable themes
  • Syncs with dropbox
  • Available in 15 languages, also fully accessible
  • $2 for all the pro features
  • Featured multiple times on the play store
  • Check it out at www.skyroapp.com

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