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Triveous has over 7 years of experience in working with companies like IDEO, Google, Khoslalabs, Meesho and others on domains like finance, entertainment, education among others.

Our own product Skyro has over a million downloads across platforms.

  • IDEO
  • Google
  • Novopay
  • Meesho

Our Recent Work

We're really privileged to have worked with some of the brightest companies in the world, here is a short summary of the recent work we've done for them


Research has shown that new internet users often hesitate to perform simple tasks on a mobile phone. We worked with IDEO - a global leader in the design thinking and consulting space - to create a design framework to help such consumers use such digital products confidently.

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IDEO Recent work


Novopay is a fintech company that provides services to millions of people across India. We helped them launch two android applications in a fully remote manner in record time during the coronavirus pandemic.

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Novopay Recent work


We have worked extensively on the product, UX and tech strategy for FREND, a non profit backed by Google and Tata trusts. Their platform has transformed the lives of over 80,000 women in 280,000 villages across India by helping them earn a livelihood digitally.

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FREND Recent work

Best In Class Skills

Triveous has a history of working on really challenging problems using a product and UX first approach. Here are some of the skills we've picked up over the last 7 years:

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Great User Experience

Having worked with thought leaders in the design space like IDEO and Google, we bring a lot of experience in designing mobile first products.

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Experienced Mobile Development

We bring over 7 years of experience in building complex mobile applications with millions of users across domains.

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Deep Product Expertise

Working on our own product has given us a unique perspective into the entire product lifecycle. We also have great experience in building lean products and prototyping/iterating rapidly.

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Latest Backend Technology

The latest advancements in serverless technologies makes creating low-cost, reliable and scalable backend services a reality and we have good experience in working on the same.

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Modern Web Development

We're really proud of the work we've done in creating fast, responsive webapps using the latest frameworks.

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Cross Sector Experience

We have deep expertise in creating digital solutions for sectors like fintech, education, non-profit, consumer-internet, telecom, OTT, tooling, travel and others

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